You can enable podcast subscribe buttons for Apple Podcasts, Google Play and RSS for your show page and embed players to let your listeners easily find and subscribe to your podcast when they're listening to your clips.

Setting Apple Podcast and Google Play links for playlists

By default, the RSS feed is automatically available to subscribe to. You can add links to your Apple Podcast and Google Play podcast listings, however you must add these manually.

  1. Go to the Playlist "Details" page
  2. Expand the "Podcast directories" section
  3. Copy and paste your Apple Podcast and/or Google Play URL 
  4. Save changes

Setting program default playlist

If you have more than one playlist, you need to set your default playlist for your program to ensure the subscribe button is displayed for your primary playlist.

  1. Go to Program "Settings"
  2. In the "Default playlist" dropdown, select the playlist you wish listeners to subscribe to by default
  3. Save changes
  4. (Ensure you have set your Apple Podcast and Google Play URLs for that playlist)
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