The first thing to do is to import your existing podcast into your Omny Studio account. You may have already done this when you set up the account, but if not, just open up a playlist and click "Import a Podcast".

Omny Studio generates RSS feeds for every playlist. Find the RSS feed URL in the “Details” tab of your playlist.

PodOmatic allow PRO Broadcast members to migrate their accounts, but if you are using a free account, follow the steps below to move across with minimum effect on your subscribers. 

1. Submit your new Omny Studio feed to iTunes under a slightly different name (you will be able to change it back once it has been approved).

2. Once your submission has been approved, announce to your audience that you are going to move feeds and they will need to resubscribe. Post the Omny RSS feed and iTunes link on your website and social media to make it easy for your subscribers to find.  

3. Create two versions of your next podcast episode. One of them will be the regular version and the other will have an announcement at the beginning of the show that says, “If you are hearing this, you will not receive the new episode after X date. I am moving the feed and the new feed is available on my website”.

4. Upload the “normal” version to your Omny account and the “announcement” version to your old hosting account and publish.

5. Upload your next episode to Omny and publish. Upload one more episode to your old host that says, “This feed has moved. To continue listening to this show, please go to <web address here> and resubscribe.”

We suggest leaving your old account open for as long as you can to ensure you catch all your old subscribers. 

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