You can move your podcast from Spreaker to Omny Studio without losing your existing subscribers. You will need to tell iTunes, other podcast directories and podcast apps to pull from your new RSS feeds.

The first thing to do is to import your existing podcast into your Omny Studio account. You may have already done this when you set up the account, but if not, just open up a playlist and click "Import a Podcast".

Omny Studio generates RSS feeds for every playlist. Find the RSS feed URL in the “Details” tab of your playlist.

  1. Log into Spreaker and click “Settings”
  2. 2. Select “RSS Feed Customization”
  3. 3. Select “Redirect” in the drop-down box under “RSS FEED”

     4. Copy your Omny Studio RSS feed URL into the “New Feed URL” box

     6. Click “Save”

Spreaker will add the entered iTunes redirect tag to your feed for you, and iTunes will pick up on this change within a few days.

Note: Although iTunes will normally pick up on changes within a few days, you should leave the old feed in place for a few weeks to ensure all subscribers are moved across.

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