Omny Ads enables Podcasters to monetise their content with pre, mid or post-roll advertising. The very first step is to get in contact with Omny via the help button in your portal so that we can activate Omny Ads for your account.

To activate Omny Ads you'll need to check the "Enable Monetization" button in your program settings, as seen in this screenshot:

You can either add pre- or post-roll (or both!) ads to new clips by default, or add them manually in each clip's Details: 

Finally, if you would like to add a mid-roll ad, just go to the editor for that clip (find out how to get to the editor here). Move the playhead to where you want an ad to appear, drop an orange marker with the "mark ad" button and click Save Changes.

N.B. Omny Ads does not guarantee an ad will be served every time. This is dependent on whether or not there are ads for the listener based on their geography and some other factors beyond our control.

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