When you first create your Omny Studio account, you'll be prompted to import an existing podcast as part of the setup process. The import will use the feed's metadata to set up your Omny Studio account for your podcast. If you already have an account set up and still want to import a podcast feed, there are two easy ways you can do it. Both ways are outlined in the steps below. 

Important: Make sure your podcast feed is up to date in Omny Studio before redirecting a feed from another host. 

Option 1: Import A Podcast As A New Program

If you're building a network in your Omny Studio account and you want to add an existing podcast feed as a new program, follow these steps. 

  1.  Go to your Omny Studio organisation homepage and click "Import Podcast".

2. Paste your podcast RSS feed URL into the box and click "Import Podcast".

This will create a new program populated by the metadata from your podcast feed (for example, the title and artwork). You can keep using Omny Studio while the podcast is importing - you'll get an email notification when it's done. 

Option Two: Import A Podcast As A New Playlist

Follow these steps to import podcast episodes into a new playlist inside an Omny Studio program. 

  1. Select Playlists(Podcasts) from the menu on the left hand side and either create a new playlist for the podcast you're importing, or click on the playlist you want to use. 

2. Click "Import a podcast". 

3. Copy the RSS feed URL of your podcast into the box labelled "Podcast RSS feed URL". Make sure the "Update playlist details from podcast" box is ticked - this will bring across the artwork, title, category and other details from the podcast feed metadata. Choose the publishing visibility of the podcast - if you don't want it to publish right away, you can select Private or Unlisted and publish it later. 

4. Click "Import podcast". You can close the window or keep using Omny Studio while the podcast is importing and you will get an email notification when the import is complete. 

If you have imported a podcast before but have since uploaded new episodes via a different host, you can refresh the import so that only new episodes will be added. Just click on "Import a podcast" and then click "Reimport last URL". 

Migrating from another host

Once you've imported your podcast feed, you may need to redirect it from another hosting provider. Here are some guides to moving from different services.
Migrating from Libsyn
Migrating from Spreaker
Migrating from Soundcloud
Migrating from Podbean
Migrating from PodOmatic
Migrating from a Self-Hosted RSS Feed

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