1. Check the video settings on your account

Be sure that your Facebook account video settings are configured to see subtitles for videos when they are available. The setting can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=videos

Ensure that the “Always Show Captions” setting is toggled to On. This setting is only for your Facebook account and will not change how viewers see your captions.

2. Head to the videos tab on your Facebook page

3. Open your video library

Click the “Video Library” button from the Videos tab:

4. Click "Edit Video" on the video that you'd like to add captions to

Hover over the video that you want to add captions to within the Video Library list and click the edit option:

5. Open the captions tab and choose "generate"

6. Review and edit captions

The right-side of this window gives you the ability to review the captions that have been generated and fix any incorrect words or spelling.

7. Click "save to video"

Once you're done, click "save to video". Now you have captions added to your Facebook video!

This will help with your video's engagement. For more information on how to generate a visualised audio video of your podcast content head here: http://help.omnystudio.com/sharing-your-audio/generating-an-animated-video-in-omny-studio

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