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Note: It's been brought to our attention that TuneIn have temporarily disabled their podcast submission form. We don't currently have an ETA on when they'll next make it available. If you have any additional questions on this, please reach out to TuneIn's own support team.

Submitting to TuneIn requires you to submit an enquiry via their website.

  1. Go to TuneIn’s podcasting page

  2. Click Publish a Podcast

Note: TuneIn does not seem to like long feed URLs. Please use a link shortener like to shorten your RSS URL first and submit the shortened URL.

3. A new page will open that will allow you to lodge a Support ticket

NOTE: The page used to be a contact form, but TuneIn appear to have updated their site.

4. Submit from what appears on the page and follow the steps they send you.

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