You can enable podcast subscribe buttons for Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Tunein and RSS for your show page and embed players to let your listeners easily find and subscribe to your podcast when they're listening to your clips.

  • Go to your Playlist's "Details" page

  • Scroll down and expand the "Podcast directories" section

Note: Users who have not already configured a Google Play Music podcast link will not be able to set a new one. We will be removing the Google Play Music option in the future in preference of Google Podcasts because it is accessible globally and to reduce confusion for your listeners.

If you have more than one playlist in your program

You need to set your default playlist for your program to ensure the subscribe button is displayed for your primary playlist.

  1. Go to Program "Settings"

  2. In the "Default playlist" dropdown, select the playlist you wish listeners to subscribe to by default

  3. Save changes

  4. (Ensure you have set your Apple Podcast and Google Play URLs for that playlist)

This will set the share links to every individual clip embed for your program. You'll still have the ability to specify different share links for different playlists as well.

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