Editing clip details
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Make clips easier to find online and more engaging by adding relevant metadata about the clip. Clip details are publicly accessible if the clip is published.
To edit a clip's details, click on the clip and scroll down to "Details". 


This should be a short and concise name for the clip. It will appear on the Omny website, in the Facebook and Twitter players, on your embed widget. If the clip is added to a playlist, it will also appear as the podcast episode title.


A more detailed overview of the clip. This will appear in full on the Omny website. It may be condensed in other players. Any formatting may also be lost depending on where the clip is played from.


A picture for the clip. Our recommended size is 3000px by 3000px. If no artwork is provided, the program’s artwork will be used as the default image.

Add to playlists (podcasts)

You can use this field to add the clip to one or more playlists.

Audio options

Head here for an explanation of our intros and outros, and here for an explanation about our auto-levelling feature. 

Optional metadata

Content rating

Used by iTunes and other podcast aggregators. If your clip contains explicit themes or coarse language, flag it here. 


This is displayed by iTunes podcast directory as the episode description, and also overrides web player descriptions on Facebook and Twitter.


Keywords describing the contents of the clip, separated by commas.

RSS link override

In your RSS feed, clips link to their Omny.FM show page by default. Use this feature to override the link in the RSS feed for this clip to a custom one of your choice. 

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