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You can search for audio in the Clips, Recordings or Playlists field by typing your key words into the Search bar at the top of the screen, as shown:

Click on the drop-down arrow to access Advanced search. Here you can refine your search by title, date, description, transcription and other values. 

You can place more emphasis on a phrase while searching to get more accurate results.

Using a quoted search phrase of:

“Funny Moment”

Will find clips with a title that contains the phrase “Funny Moment” in that order and all words must be found in the result.

If you instead only search for:

Funny Moment

Will find clips that contain the words “Funny” or “Moment” anywhere in the title.

You can also search for a mixture of quoted phrases and stand-alone words:

“Funny Moment” interview

Will find clips that contain the phrase “Funny Moment” or contain the word “interview” in the title.

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