The steps below are for when you're away from your computer. The simplest way to get audio into Omny Studio is to either email or AirDrop the file to your computer and then follow this guide

If you need to upload only using your iPhone then read on.

  1. Open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone

2. Record your audio using your phone's microphone

3. Click stop and then save your recording by clicking this icon

4. Click save to files

5. On the next screen, select iCloud Drive and click "Add"

6. Sign into using Safari on your phone - like you would on desktop - and navigate to the program you want to upload your audio to. Click "upload audio files".

7.  Click "Browse" 

8. Your new recording will be there ready to upload!

9. You're done! Repeat from step 6 if you have multiple audio files.

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