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Redirecting a feed from Wordpress (Powerpress Plugin)
Redirecting a feed from Wordpress (Powerpress Plugin)
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Once you have followed all the steps outlined in this migration guide, including:

  • disabling dynamic add insertion and removing any RSS feed pagination before importing feeds into Omny,

  • linking your shows to Podcast Metrics/Rankers if you currently use Triton Digital’s Podcast Metrics (PCM) platform,

you'll need to tell Apple Podcasts and the other podcast directories and apps to pull from your new RSS feeds. This is done by applying a re-direct from your old feed to your new feed.

Note: Once you've completed the steps in this help doc to redirect your feed, you can start uploading new episodes to your Omny Studio account to update your feed.

1 - Once all the episodes are imported on Omny Studio you can enable the RSS Feed redirection. Copy your new RSS Feed from Omny under playlist details or in the email confirming that your podcast has been imported.

2 - Go to your website and then to the Wordpress Admin
3 - Open PowerPress > Settings
4 - Enable “Custom Podcast Channels” under the “Advanced Options” section and save.

5 - After that, a new option “Podcast Channels” will appear in the left-side menu. Open PowerPress and select the Podcast Channels option.
6 - Mouse over the podcast name: you will see the “Edit” link appear. Click on it.

7 - Now open the iTunes tab.
8 - Check the “iTunes New Feed URL” option and paste the Omny RSS Feed URL in the field “New Feed URL”.
9 - Click “Save Changes”

From now, your WordPress Podcast RSS Feed URL will include the tag itunes:new-feed-url containing the Omny RSS Feed URL. This tag instructs iTunes to switch fetching new episodes from the Omny RSS Feed URL.

Some pod-catching platform may ignore this tag. If so, you may consider following this instruction on how to set a 301 redirect.

NOTE: To ensure Apple Podcasts picks up your redirect as fast as possible, you can follow these steps to update your RSS feed in Apple's Podcast Connect dashboard to the RSS feed you are migrating to (your Omny RSS feed). If you have any questions please contact us.

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