This blog post has some examples and a bit more background on the loudness normalization feature.

The normalization settings that you can apply to your audio with Omny Studio are configured by three values: integrated loudness in LUFS, maximum true peak in dbTP, and loudness range in LU. 

We also provide a range of presets based on various international standards and also service defaults. These include settings which adhere to Google and Amazon’s specifications for the Google Home and Amazon Alexa smart speaker devices.

Organizational-level loudness normalisation

This setting will be applied to all of the programs within your organisation.

1) Head to organisation settings - audio here:

2) Select your desired preset from the drop-down menu:

Once those settings have been saved, all published audio in the future will have these loudness settings applied.

Program level loudness normalisation

Programs can override the organisational setting and/or you can have one program in your organisation that has a loudness normalisation by itself.

1) Head to program settings - audio and scroll down to the loudness normalisation settings.

2) Select your desired custom preset by clicking "use custom settings for this program"

All future audio will be published at those settings!

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