Omny Studio is a world-first, all-in-one audio capture, storage, editing and analytics solution for radio stations and podcasters.

Omny Studio for Radio

The second you broadcast, Omny Studio will automatically capture and store each break securely in the cloud. This instantly creates a rich, searchable archive of all your content. You can fine-tune your audio using our inbuilt editor and then share it on social media, monetise your content or use it to create a podcast. Track who's listening to your show using our advanced analytics and embed audio from your shows into your website using our beautiful and customisable widgets.

Omny Studio for Podcasters

If you have a podcast or are looking to start one, Omny Studio is the perfect place to host and manage your show. You can create bite-sized clips of your episodes using our in-built editor and share them seamlessly across social media using our advanced social sharing tools. Plus, our advanced analytics allow you to track who's listening, how many subscribers you have, where people are listening from and more. 

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