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Using Triton Tags (TTags) for advertising targeting (Triton TAP customers only)
Using Triton Tags (TTags) for advertising targeting (Triton TAP customers only)
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When enabling TTags support for your Omny Studio programs, additional metadata will automatically be included in each download URL as custom Triton tags (TTags). This means that you can target a single clip or a group of clips with a specific custom tag.

Note: when adding custom Ttags to a URL, you must use a key:value pair format. For example if you'd like to identify a listener as a premium user via Ttags, you can use ?ttag=user-status:premium at the end of the download URL.

To activate TTags, you first need to check that it's been enabled under program settings - monetization here: 

Once it's been activated, automatic TTags are generated for each clip. To see an example of the TTags that will be sent for a clip, you can see it on the clip details page.

Omny Studio generates the following TTags for each download request:

  • omny_clip_id - the ID of the clip

  • omny_clip_title - the title of the clip

  • omny_program_name - the name of the parent program

  • omny_program_slug - the slug of the parent program

  • omny_network_name - the name of the parent network

  • omny_organization_id - the ID of the parent organization

  • omny_playback_source - where the clip is played from, it can be either "podcast" for an RSS player or "embed" for an embed player

  • omny_clip_tag - the tags of the clip

  • omny_playlist_id - (if the clip is served from a playlist) the ID of the playlist

  • omny_playlist_title - (if the clip is served from a playlist) the title of the playlist

  • omny_program_tag - a custom field for tagging groups of programs

Please note: we recommend using the program slug over the program name to ensure there are no spaces in the targeting parameter and the resulting mp3/rss feed.

You can also optionally add your own custom Ttags to the download URL, these will be included with the automatic Ttags listed above.

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