When migrating shows to Omny Studio, you will need to import your existing feeds and later instruct your previous host to redirect listeners to your new RSS feed.

With Omny Studio's bulk importer, we can automatically re-sync multiple feeds until you're ready to apply your re-directs. This means that you'll have time to invite and train staff in between these two steps.

1) Once you're logged in, head to https://omnystudio.com/settings/imports 

2) Paste your RSS feeds into the batch importer text box separated by a line.

3) Select from the following options in advanced settings.

  • Automatic re-sync will be activated by default - by having this active, Omny Studio will automatically import any new episodes every 1-2 hours to ensure that the feeds are in sync before the re-direct is applied.
  • Assign a network in Omny Studio to your batch import to save manually doing this for each program later.
  • Limit the amount of episodes you would like to import per RSS feed. For any imports above 2000 episodes, please contact Omny Studio support at support@omnystudio.com

4) Click "Import podcasts" and you can begin tracking progress below here:

  • You will also receive an email for each feed confirming once the import is complete.

6) The final step in the migration is applying a re-direct from the old feed to the new Omny Studio feed. To find your new Omny Studio feed, you can export a .csv report with the following fields for each import.

ProgramId, ProgramName, ProgramNetwork, AutoSync (Y/N), Status, Max Items, Published After, Completed At Utc, Source Rss Url, Destination Rss Url 


Please note: it's also possible to run a manual re-sync of all your feeds by clicking the re-sync all button or individually via the Options drop down beside each feed.

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