We can use the metadata cues in your Triton, HLS or SHOUT/ICEcast live stream to customise which parts of your broadcasts are recorded into your Omny Studio portal.

The Omny Studio Recording Agent supports recording HLS format streams, to configure this please contact Omny support at support@omnystudio.com with your stream URL - this needs to be configured by an Omny technician.

Live Stream Recording Agent Setup

1) Head to omnystudio.com/settings/liverecording and click "setup new recording agent" and this screen will appear.

2) Creating your recording agent.

  • If you have a Triton live stream, simply select "Triton live stream capture" and input your station's callsign. By default, the Triton live stream agent will react to every metadata cue by creating a new recording.

If you would like to specify exactly which parts of the broadcast you'd like to record, you can use the Triton cue-point override spec by selecting the 'Triton cue-point override' checkbox. Learn more about that option here.

  • For Icecast or Shoutcast streams, select "Basic live stream capture" and input your stream URL. By selecting the checkbox, the agent will react to every metadata cue in your stream and start a new recording. If it's un-selected then the agent will record in hour-long blocks by default.

Please contact us at support@omnystudio.com if you can't find a compatible live stream or if your stream is in HLS format.

3) Once your agent is online, you can start scheduling your shows!

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