Once you have set up your podcast you're ready to add new episodes. 

Your new podcast episode will not be live until you add the audio of your new episode to the correct playlist. The clip also needs to be set to public. 

  1. Navigate to the playlist that you would like to add an episode to. 

  2. Click the purple "upload to playlist" button. 

  3. Select the new episode from your computer.

  4. Update your title, description, artwork and any other details you want to add in. 

  5. If you're ready to go live with the episode straight away, click "public" under publishing features and click save and you're done!

Once you set the clip to public, the episode will appear in that playlists RSS feed and in the playlist widget. 

If you would like to schedule an episode to go live at a particular date/time please follow this guide.

NB - you can also simply drag and drop your audio file and this will prompt the file to upload as well.

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