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Custom Google Analytics tracking for embed players
Custom Google Analytics tracking for embed players

Integrate your own Google Analytics tracking ID to analyze your listeners on the embed player

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You can specify your own Google Analytics property Tracking ID to track how people view and interact with the embed player embedded on your websites.

Set up Google Analytics tracking

You need access to a Google Analytics account to use this feature.

It is recommended you create a new Google Analytics property (e.g. "Omny Studio Embeds") to isolate the analytics data from your other properties/websites. The default URL should be set to

Find your property's Tracking ID from the "tracking info" in property's settings. If you need help, read the Google Analytics help documentation.

Note: Both Google Analytics 4 Measurement IDs starting with "G-" and Universal Analytics Tracking IDs starting with "UA-" are supported.

Paste the code in "Sharing" settings of the program or organization settings (you can specify a different Google Analytics property for each program or use the same property across all your programs).

What data will be reported

Once configured, the embed player Google Analytics tracker will report pageviews for users loading the embed player with anonymized IPs.

The tracker will also send the following events:

  • "Play" - when the audio has started playback

  • "Played 25%" - when the audio has passed 25% of total duration

  • "Played 50%" - when the audio has passed 50% of total duration

  • "Played 75%" - when the audio has passed 75% of total duration

  • "Played 100% - when the audio has passed 99% of total duration (this overcomes a limitation with some browsers under-reporting played duration)

The clip or playlist title (depending on the type of embed player is used) is available as the "Page title" dimension.

You may also configure a custom "Clip title" dimensions for events with the event_label event parameter.

Advanced integration

If you require tracking additional events or custom dimensions, it is possible to develop a custom Google Analytics integration on your own website using the embed player's player.js API to receive player-based events.

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