Google AMP

Google AMP allows publishers to include rich media content on pages using iframes, however publishers must use the special <amp-iframes>  element.

Publishers need to be aware of the viewport limitation that suggests setting a "placeholder" state, otherwise the iframe will not be able to be displayed within 600px or 75% of the first viewport from the top.


Sample code:

Apple News

Unfortunately Apple News restricts the ability to use iframes and only natively supports displaying media content from YouTube and Vimeo.

As alternative, Apple News includes an audio component which displays a native audio player. Developers can configure this audio component to the MP3 URL of the published clip to allow readers to play the equivalent audio content.


Developer note: using the audio component without an image has the side-effect of Apple News automatically buffering/downloading the audio file without the user pressing play. This is undesirable since it would count unintended downloads. Setting an image prevents this behaviour and the user has to press play before the audio is buffered/downloaded.

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