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Scheduling a Podcast Episode to go Public or Restricted
Scheduling a Podcast Episode to go Public or Restricted

Here's how to schedule a podcast episode to publish on a later date.

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If you want to schedule a Podcast episode to be published at a certain time or date just follow these steps.

1. Head to the "Playlists" section, open your podcast's playlist and and click on "Upload to playlist".

Note: You can also drag and drop audio files directly onto the playlist screen to upload. 

2. Select your new podcast episode and keep it private (it will be by default).

You can edit the clip title, description and artwork while it is uploading. Then, you can click 'Scheduled publishing' to set a time and date in the future for the clip to move:

- from Private to Public, or

- from Private to Restricted:

Note: The date and time picker is in your local timezone, as determined by the timezone selection of your browser.

Note: you can also schedule a date:

- for Unlisted and Restricted clips to become Public, or

- for Public clips to become Restricted.

3. Once you're done, if you are scheduling the clip to publish in the future, hit 'Save changes'.

Note: If your selection will make the clip available on the playlist immediately (being made Public, Unlisted or Restricted) then this button will show 'Save changes and publish'.

Note: You schedule a social media or webpage post with an link or embed player for a private clip. The embed codes and Web player URL will be available from the share box after you've scheduled your post. However, the link or embed code will not be functional until after the scheduled publish date.

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