Note: Adding or changing the prefix URL will cause all listeners who have downloaded your episodes on Spotify to re-download the episodes causing an analytics spike. We have alerted Spotify to this behaviour but unfortunately there is no workaround.

If you use a third party for custom analytics tracking then you can add a prefix URL to all of your programs or override this for individual programs.

Organization-level Prefix

Organization administrators can apply a prefix URL to all programs under Organization settings > Content.

Just add the prefix URL in the box above. 

  • If you'd like to enforce this setting across every program, just click the 'enforce setting across this organization' checkbox. This will override any previously saved setting at the program-level. You will not be able to change the program-level prefix if 'Enforce settings across this organization' is enabled.

Program-level Prefix

At the program-level you can add a program-specific prefix URL under Program settings > Content.

Paste your prefix URL in the box above.

Note: we also support multiple prefix URLs being applied at the same time. Just separate them with a / and drop the https:// of subsequent URL's after the first prefix. 


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