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Adding a prefix URL for custom tracking
Adding a prefix URL for custom tracking

If you use a third-party download tracking service, here's how to add it to Omny Studio - to either a program or a whole organization.

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Note: Adding or changing the prefix URL will cause all listeners who have downloaded your episodes on Spotify to re-download the episodes causing an analytics spike. We have alerted Spotify to this behaviour but unfortunately there is no workaround.

A tracking prefix allows a third-party to sit between your listener and your host, to count each download and independently verify podcast downloads.

Your listener -> Service that offers the Prefix URL you use -> Your podcast host

Note: If the Prefix URL is unreachable (for instance if there's a server outage) then listeners will not be able to download your episodes, even if your files are available from your host. This is because the download path is blocked by the prefix URL.

If you use a third party for custom analytics tracking then you can add a prefix URL to all of your programs or override this for individual programs.

Organization-level Prefix

Organization administrators can apply a prefix URL to all programs under Organization settings > Content.

Just add the prefix URL in the box above. 

  • If you'd like to enforce this setting across every program, just click the 'enforce setting across this organization' checkbox. This will override any previously saved setting at the program-level. You will not be able to change the program-level prefix if 'Enforce settings across this organization' is enabled.

Program-level Prefix

At the program-level you can add a program-specific prefix URL under Program settings > Content.

Paste your prefix URL in the box above.

Note: we also support multiple prefix URLs being applied at the same time. Just separate them with a / and drop the https:// of subsequent URL's after the first prefix. 

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