Creating a New Program

Or adding a program to an existing account.

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Omny Studio is organized into programs and each program represents a show. Within each program you can manage your live recordings (if using a Recording Agent), create a podcast feed (with multiple playlists if necessary), edit your audio and much more.

To create a new program from scratch is a piece of cake in Omny Studio! Here are the steps you need to follow:

1- At the organizational level click "New program". To create a program you need to have organization-level access.

2- Fill out the details of your program - these can be updated at any point. The below fields are required:

  • Name

  • Slug (automatically created based on name, must be unique)

  • Category

  • Contact name

  • Contact email

  • Show website

Once you're done filling out the details, click "Save Changes".


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