Once you've imported your podcast to Omny Studio, you can easily migrate to Omny Studio without losing your existing subscribers. All you need to do is tell Apple Podcasts and the other podcast directories and apps to pull from your new RSS feeds. This is done by applying a re-direct from your old feed to your new feed. 

Migrating from Acast

You'll need to contact Acast support to set up a redirect. 

Here's an email template to send to support@acast.com 

Hi Support,

I'm moving my podcast to a new host provider and kindly request that you apply a redirect for the following show ASAP

Can you please apply a 301 permanent redirect from [INSERT Acast RSS] to [INSERT NEW OMNY STUDIO RSS]

We will need this redirect kept in place for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Please let me know if you need any more information and an advised timeline would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance.

You can find your Omny RSS feed using this guide: http://help.omnystudio.com/frequently-asked-questions/where-is-my-rss-feed

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