If you're interested in running ads for your podcast or network, contact us for pricing estimates and activation. Once it's activated, you can follow these steps to start running pre, mid or post roll ads on your podcast or podcast network.

Setting The Timezone Of Your Campaign Manager

The very first thing to do once the Campaign Manager is activated, is to set the timezone. You can do this under settings here:

Creating A Campaign

1) Once your timezone is set, you're ready to start setting up your first campaign! Head to the campaign menu and click "new campaign":

2) Give your campaign a name and a start and end date. Then click "create new advertiser" (circled in red below) to create an advertiser to be attached to this campaign. If this is a new campaign for an advertiser that has already run then you can simply choose them from the drop-down menu.

3) Add an advertiser name and the currency that they will be paying in.

Once you're happy, click "create advertiser".

4) Review your campaign details and if it all looks OK - click "create campaign".

Creating A Flight Or Flights Within A Campaign

Omny's Campaign Manager lets you create one, two, or multiple flights within a single campaign. This is so that you can create a campaign that runs for four months that is composed of four separate month-long flights that run in succession, with different creative for each month, or different goals or pacing. 

1) Once your campaign is set up, you're ready to start creating flights (or a single flight) to run as part of your campaign. Click on the "flights" tab on this screen.

2) Then you'll need to fill in the required details on this page. Zoomed below.

2a) First, you'll need to add a flight name, set the start and end date of this flight and add your CPM (cost per mille/1000) and traffic goal.

2b) Choose the audio file to be inserted, which position this flight will run (pre, mid or post) and which programs and locations to target. If you don't select a specific location, all locations will be targeted.

2c) Select which programs you would like to target this flight to,

2d) You can optionally choose a location rule for your flight to specify whether or not you'd like to include or exclude a specific location. If no location is chosen then all locations will be targeted.

Final Steps

You can add pre, mid and post-roll markers to indicate which episodes you would like ads inserted by following this guide.

Once you're all set, please allow 15-20 minutes from the campaign and flight creation time before ads begin to be delivered. 

You can monitor your campaign's progress in the campaign view.

Testing your campaign

Again, remember to wait at least 15-20 minutes before the first ad is inserted.

PLEASE NOTE This player will never insert an ad:

You can test that your campaign is running correctly (15-20 minutes after setting up the campaign) by playing the preview embed here: 

Or you can use the re-direct de-bugger here: 

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