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Omny Studio exposes extensions in the podcast RSS file to provide additional metadata for the published content.


The Omny Studio XML namespace is xmlns:omny=""  

Channel Elements

The <channel> will include the following fields:

<omny:organizationId> - ID of the organization that the RSS feed belongs to

<omny:networkId> - ID of the network that the RSS feed belongs to. Note that if the program is not in a network, this field will be omitted.

<omny:programId> - ID of the program that the RSS feed belongs to.

These fields are being incrementally rolled out. If you do not see them in your feed, please refresh your feed or contact support.

Item Elements

Clip ID

The <item> will include a <omny:clipId> child element with the GUID of the clip. 

Note: this is subtly different to the <guid>  which copies and retains GUIDs from other hosting providers if the podcast clip was imported through an RSS feed.


  <title>Episode 2</title>

Recordings metadata

If a clip/episode was generated from one or more recordings, the <item> will include a <omny:recordingMetadata>  child element with a

  • <omny:captureStartUtc> - the date and time when the recording started capturing

  • <omny:captureEndUtc> - the date and time when the recording ended capturing


  <title>Episode 2</title>

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