It's possible to specify how many ads you would like to insert for each marker in Omny Studio. 

Multiple ads for each pre, mid and post-roll marker

The amount of ads that you would like inserted by default for each pre, mid or post-roll marker can be configured in the program settings - monetization.

Input the desired value here and click save:

Multiple ads for a specific pre, mid, or post-roll marker (Tap and Omny Campaign Manager customers)

  1. Head to the clip that you'd like to mark for a mid-roll ad and click 'edit audio' to open the editor.
  2. Drop a marker by moving the cursor to the correct position and click the $ icon.
  3. In the 'cut items' menu, click edit and type the number of how many ads (5 maximum) you would like to allow to be inserted for that marker.

n.b. if you have specified a per marker value in the program settings, the custom mid-roll marker setting will override that value.

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