After you've updated an image or added an episode to your feed, it's only natural that you'd want to see this reflected on Apple Podcasts and other podcast apps ASAP! There are a couple of things to remember when you're checking:

1. Omny Studio updates your RSS feed as soon as you make any changes to clips within your playlist. For anyone subscribed to your feed (on Apple Podcasts for example), their listing will update as soon as they refresh the feed. This is a great way to test that your updates are live - subscribe to your podcast and refresh the feed.

2. For non-subscribers, the feed can take a bit longer to update. Apple tells us that a feed can take around  24 hours to update (sometimes longer) on Apple Podcasts.

So, if you've published an episode in Omny Studio but it's not yet in the store listing for your podcast (for non-subscribers), it's most likely that they just haven't processed the change yet.

How to manually refresh your feed for Apple Podcasts in Podcast Connect

If it’s been more than 24 hours, and your latest episodes or metadata edits aren’t visible, confirm that they have been successfully published on your RSS feed or on your hosting provider’s platform. Then, use Podcasts Connect to manually refresh your show.

How do I refresh my show?

To manually refresh a show, follow these steps. You may also watch the Refreshing Podcasts video tutorial:

  1. Within My Podcasts in Podcasts Connect, select the show in question.
  2. Click Refresh Feed within the show's detail page.

You’ll see Scheduled for Refresh here while the process completes. Then, your changes will be visible on Apple Podcasts!

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