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'Days after release' comparison analytics
'Days after release' comparison analytics

Compare how your episodes are performing 1 - 60 days after release

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Accessing Comparison Analytics

Comparison Analytics are available under program analytics - 'compare clip downloads' as seen here:

You will be presented with an easy-to-read graph of the 10 most recently published clips (or up to ten clips of your choice), comparing their download performance over time since the published date.

Cumulative graph mode

Cumulative graph mode adds the clip downloads from the previous days to present the total clip downloads since the clip was published.

Daily graph mode

The daily graph mode presents the same data with just the total downloads per day for the selected clips. 

Hover over the graph to compare how the clips are performing and identify any spikes for individual clips on any particular day. You can also zoom in and out using the slider below the x-axis.

Selecting clips

Select or remove individual clips for comparison under the 'selected clips' menu and click save changes.

Exporting comparison data

As with all of Omny Studio's analytics, it's possible to export the data to a CSV file for your own records. 

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