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Playlists live within a program and each playlist has an RSS feed for publishing to podcast apps and a playlist embed widget for publishing on a website.

A program can have multiple playlists housed within to give you the flexibility to create curated selections of content for listeners. A common example is to create a 'best of' feed which is published in conjunction with the full show feed like this:

Multiple playlists are optional and are only intended to allow users to create curated selections of content from the same show/series.

For more potential usecases of playlists, please see here.

Each playlist has its own unique RSS feed. This means that a new playlist should not be created for a new season of a podcast.

A playlist can have completely different metadata from the program it is in, including Title, Description, Artwork, Category and more. Any metadata added at the playlist level will be written to the RSS feed, overriding Program-level metadata. If left blank, any metadata value at the playlist level will be inherited from the Program.

A maximum of 5 playlists per program is enacted across the entire Omny Studio system to ensure that you don't run into any issues by setting up multiple podcasts under a single program.

A podcast should be its own individual program, and a playlist should not be created under an existing program to house a unique podcast.

Important: use Playlists with caution, as all of Omny's analytics as well as user permissions, settings and a range of functionality are only available at Program level.

If you need more than 5 playlists to curate more selections of the same content, or have any questions about the appropriate use of playlists, please contact support.

Important note for Triton advertising or measurement clients

Your programs in Omny are provisioned to appear in TAP, YieldOp or Podcast Metrics as Stations. All targeting and most reporting is available at Station level only, as playlists are not intended to be used as individual or distinct shows in Omny.

If you are currently using playlists in Omny as individual shows and wish to target or report on then in any of the systems above, you will need to convert them to individual programs following these steps.

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