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How to use the Creators tab
How to use the Creators tab
Submit hosts and guests to the Podchaser database
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Note: the Creators tab will be deprecated on July 31st, 2023. Should you wish to continue using Podchaser after this date, please submit new shows directly on Podchaser’s website.

What is Podchaser?

Podchaser is an online directory which categorises and organises the world's podcasts. It's like an IMDb of podcasts. Learn more at their website here.

How Omny Studio works with Podchaser

Omny Studio allows you to submit 'Creators' (hosts, guests, producers etc.) to the Podchaser database for your podcast feed and individual episodes.

What is a Creator profile?

Creator profiles are a new way to showcase your podcasting contributions. Whether you're a host, guest, producer, editor, voice actor, or you contribute to the creation of a podcast in any other way, you deserve a place to show off your talent. Create a new profile or add an existing creator using the steps below.

Adding a creator to your podcast feed

First, double check that your feed has been indexed by Podchaser under playlist details - creators. If it isn't already indexed, you can click the 'submit to Podchaser' button.

Once that's done, head to playlist details - creators and click 'Add a creator on Podchaser'.

Select an existing creator or click 'create a new creator' to add yourself as the host of the podcast for example.

Fill in your details here and click 'Create creator':

Adding a creator to an episode

You can also add hosts and guests to individual episodes under clip details - creators.

Your feed needs to be submitted to Podchaser before you can do this as per the instructions above.

How can Podchaser benefit me and my podcast?

By adding your Creator profile and submitting your podcast to Podchaser, you'll unlock a slew of resources to help build your personal brand and grow listenership for your podcast. Here are just a few ways you can benefit...

  • Collect ratings and reviews for your podcast and individual episodes of your podcast for valuable listener feedback and discoverability. Accumulate ratings to see your podcast rise in the ranks of Podchaser's trending podcasts and episodes. Ask your listeners to 'Rate and review on Podchaser'!

  • Share your Creator profile to give potential listeners a great way to discover all of the podcasts you help create.

  • Give your listeners a platform-agnostic way to share your podcast. Podchaser links can be opened on any device and give your listeners an easy way to listen to your podcast using their preferred listening platform. Assign your podcast a unique Vanity URL in your podcast's settings for easy sharing!

How did Podchaser get my podcast information? What is this sorcery?

Podchaser polls various online sources for our podcast and episode information in order to create a comprehensive, aggregated database of every podcast, ever.

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