OCM uses the advertiser’s IAB category to perform “competitive separation” or “competitive exclusion”. This blocks multiple advertisers/brands that are competitive with one another from being served in the same download.

Put simply, this ensures that scheduled flights from Mastercard and Visa can't run in the same podcast download. 

Setting Advertiser Category in OCM

When creating a new advertiser, you can set the IAB category as seen below.

The unique combination of the category and sub-category need to be matched by another advertiser for category separation to occur. 

i.e. IAB13 - Personal Finance + IAB13-2 Credit/Debt & Loans is ONE category and competitive separation will only be performed if another advertiser has that unique IAB combination assigned as well.

Same Advertiser Behaviour

Competitive separation does not occur for flights which are assigned to the same advertiser. i.e. if you have multiple flights with the same advertiser assigned then both flights can deliver in the same download.

Over-riding Competitive Separation

The 'IAB24 - Uncategorized' category is special and competitive separation will not apply. This means that an uncategorized flight can run alongside any other flight.

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