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Set a trailer for your podcast in Spotify
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Many podcasts adding their show to Spotify have extensive back catalogues, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of episodes. So where should a new listener start? Or if you're a new show, how do you stand out and get your first listeners?

Spotify has added the ability for a podcast to nominate an episode as a trailer, which will be the first episode a listener sees, and be marked with a 'trailer' tag. 

Follow the steps below to set your trailer in Spotify. 

1. If you have an account, head to and log in. If not, you can claim your podcast on Spotify by following this guide.

2. Once you're in your Spotify for Podcasters account, select Catalogue.

3. Select your podcast.

4. Select Manage Trailer.

Spotify will then help you find the episode you'd like to select as your trailer. Short Episodes will show you episodes under 5 minutes in your catalogue. All Episodes will allow you to search for a specific episode.

5. When you select a show, you'll see a tick mark appear on the episode art.

6. And when you're ready to select your trailer, just hit Set Trailer.

7. You'll get a confirmation message, and you're good to go. 

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