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Customising a clip embed player/web player
Customising a clip embed player/web player

Omny Studio's web players can be customised in their colours and button options.

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If you're using one of Omny Studio's slick embed players, but want it to match the surrounding page, your brand, or stand out from the crowd, you can change the colours of the player. You can also configure the buttons, and functionality, of the player. This is true for both clip players, and playlist players

You can set the default options and colours your players will use at the organization, network or program level:

1. Go to Organization, Network or Program settings.
2. Select Sharing in the sidebar.
3. Configure the player to your desired defaults.

To customise a Clip Player to be different from your program defaults, just follow the steps below. 

1. Go to your clips window.

2. Select the Clip you wish to customise the player for from your clips.

3. Select Embed to see the player types, and option to use your program for this player, or customize this embed.

4. Select Customize for this embed. You can then toggle on or off certain buttons and functionality for this player.

5. Tick the box for Custom colours, and you can then change colours for three elements of the player. Choose colours and see them change live in the player.

You can do this for all four types of Clip Players.

Advanced embed functionality

Embeds can also be manually tweaked to enable further functionality.

  • Play from: add ?t=5s to the end of the iframe URL to start the player at a specified time. The time format is ##m##s for minutes and seconds.

  • Select clip in playlist embed: you can manually pre-select a clip in a playlist embed by adding ?selectedClip=[Clip GUID] to the end of the the iframe URL.

  • Hide playlist in playlist embed: you can manually hide the playlist list in a playlist embed to simulate an automatically updating embed by adding ?list=0 to the end of the iframe URL. You also will need to change the height to '180' in the iframe code.

  • Combine multiple functions: Separate functions with & - for example ?t=5s&lang=en

  • Lock embed to a specific language: by default, Omny Studio's embed players will translate to the user's browser language (where supported). If you'd like to 'lock' an embed to a specific language, you can add ?lang=en (for English) or ?lang=fr for French etc.

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