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Why aren't all my podcast episodes showing in podcast apps?
Why aren't all my podcast episodes showing in podcast apps?

What pagination is and how to change the 100 episode default.

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Note: If your show has over 100 episodes, and is currently paginated, removing this will make all episodes available on one page. This may trigger mass download behaviour in your listeners podcast app, as those episodes above number 100 will appear as "new".

Some podcasts have less than ten episodes, some have thousands, but as an average, the number of episodes in a podcast are only going one direction. Up. 

So in an effort to make your RSS feed smaller, podcast directory updates faster, and in general try to manage this constant growth, RSS feeds have the ability to create multiple pages (called pagination). 

What is pagination?

Pagination, also known as paging, is the process of dividing a document into discrete pages. This meant that instead of a whole RSS feed being downloaded, only the specific group of episodes that was needed could be downloaded. 

Why is your Omny RSS feed paginated?

Omny feeds default to 100 episodes per page in order to reduce download bandwidth usage. But you can change this default. 

To change your playlist default

1. Go to your program from your Omny. 

2. Go to your playlist.

3. Go to your Playlist Details.

4. Go to Advanced Settings > Podcast RSS episodes per page, by default this will have 100 in this field, limiting the amount of episodes visible to your most recent 100 episodes in some apps and directories. If your account has Omny Campaign Manager, TAP, or other ad-serving enabled you will have to contact and request this change.

If you are not using ad-insertion, you can change this limit, and hit Save changes to confirm this change.

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