Once you've imported your podcast to Omny Studio, you can easily migrate to Omny Studio without losing your existing subscribers. All you need to do is tell iTunes and the other podcast directories and apps to pull from your new RSS feeds. This is done by applying a re-direct from your old feed to your new feed.

Note: do not delete your Anchor account until you have redirected your feed to Omny Studio

1. Log into Anchor. Click the Contact Us button at the top to send Anchor support a message. They will need to initiate a 301 redirect for you, so please include the following information in your email so they can put this in place:

  • Your Omny Studio RSS feed
  • The name of your podcast
  • The email address tied to your Anchor account

2. Once you've confirmed that your redirect worked and all your episodes are fully imported to your new host, you can then delete your Anchor account. Please allow a week before deleting your Anchor account.

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