Monetising with programmatic ads in Omny Studio

Monetise your content by connecting to Yield-Op, Triton Digital's digital ad exchange.

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Omny Studio's integration with Yield-Op enables podcasters to monetise their content with pre, mid or post-roll advertising. 

The exchange is run by our parent company, Triton Digital. It's designed for ad-ops teams that live and breathe programmatic advertising and is currently integrated with 30+ DSPs. If you want to learn more, you can find more information here.

But if you're ready to go, just follow these steps.

1. Fill out a form to provide Triton with the information needed to onboard you onto the exchange. Contact us for that form.

2. Once you've been onboarded (this process can take 3-5 business days), you'll receive a message from Omny that you are able to start adding ad markers, which will be targeted by ads from Yield-Op.

To see the guides on ad markers you'll be sent, ahead of time, you can see them here. But if you do not have Omny Campaign Manager (OCM), or Triton Ad Platform (TAP) active you will not be able to start adding ad markers until you have been onboarded to Yield-Op.

3. The "Enable audio monetization for this program" checkbox will be checked automatically once you're activated. If you untick this box, ad markers will not be added to new episodes, but you must contact support if you wish to opt out of the ad exchange altogether.

4. Select whether Omny should add a pre-roll marker (at 0:00), a post-roll marker at the end of the audio, file or both. The number of ads that can be inserted for each marker is 1. For more information on ad markers please see this guide.

5. After you've selected to add pre-roll, post-roll, both or neither to your new episodes automatically, you can contact Omny support to have this selection applied to your previously published clips (episodes).

6. Set your Ads.txt record. Without this set your programmatic ad performance will be substantially affected (your numbers of ads will be much lower).

7. You can check your performance in the open marketplace through weekly emailed reports, and a monthly revenue report.

Note: On behalf of publishers, we request that advertisements in the IAB categories below are blocked from the exchange:

  • IAB24 - Uncategorized

  • IAB25-1 - Unmoderated UGC

  • IAB25-2 - Extreme Graphic/Extreme Violence

  • IAB25-3 - Pornography

  • IAB25-4 - Profane Content

  • IAB25-5 - Hate Content

  • IAB25-6 - Under Construction

  • IAB25-7 - Incentivized

  • IAB26-1 - Illegal Content

  • IAB26-2 - Warez

  • IAB26-3 - Spyware/Malware

  • IAB26-4 - Copyright Infringment

Note: Programmatic ads are not guaranteed to run in every available ad marker. This is dependent on whether or not there are ads for the listener based on their geography and some other factors beyond our control.

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