Omny Ads enables Podcasters to monetise their content with pre, mid or post-roll advertising. 

1. The very first step is to get in contact with Omny via the help button in your portal so that we can activate programmatic ads for your account.

2. Once you've received confirmation that programmatic ads have been activated, go to Program Settings for the show you wish to receive programmatic ads on.

3. Go to the Monetization tab that will now be visible.

4. Check the "Enable audio monetization for this program" checkbox.

5. Enter the email address registered to the Paypal address you wish to receive payment with and Save Changes. 

6. Enable ads to run in your program by setting up ad markers by following this guide.

On behalf of publishers, we request that advertisements in the IAB categories below are blocked from the exchange:

  • IAB1-8 Gambling/Casino
  • IAB3-7 Government
  • IAB7-41 Smoking Cessation
  • IAB9-9 Cigars
  • IAB9-32 Fire Arms/Gun Shows
  • IAB26-1 Illegal Content
  • IAB26-4 Copyright Infringement
  • IAB26-3 Spyware/Malware
  • IAB26-2 Warez
  • IAB11 Law, Gov't and Politics
  • IAB8-5 Cocktails/Beer
  • IAB8-18 Wine
  • IAB25 - Non-Standard Content (all subcategories)

Note: Programmatic ads are not guaranteed to run in every available ad marker. This is dependent on whether or not there are ads for the listener based on their geography and some other factors beyond our control.

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