So you've refreshed your art for your podcast? Nice. Now you want it to change on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast apps and directories.

You don't have to change it in all of these places, you just have to change it in one. 

In Omny Studio your playlist is where your RSS feed gets created, and changes to your playlist will affect your podcast in places like Apple Podcasts. 

A playlist can have completely different metadata from the program it is in, including Title, Description, Artwork, Category and more. Any metadata added at the playlist level will be written to the RSS feed, overriding Program-level metadata. If left blank, any metadata value at the playlist level will be inherited from the Program.

So, to change your artwork just follow these steps. 

1. Go to the playlist for the show with the art you want to change.

2. Go to the Details page for that playlist. 

3. Upload the new art you'd like to use. 

4. Save changes once you've uploaded your new artwork. 

Note: if your Program has only one Playlist, you can leave your Artwork and Description fields for your Playlist empty, and these fields will be filled from your Program.

But if you have set Playlist level Art and Description, and change your Program level settings, you must change these at the Playlist level for these to be updated in podcast apps. 

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