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Claiming your stats on Google Podcasts Manager
Claiming your stats on Google Podcasts Manager

How to use Google Podcasts Manager to get consumption data for your show/s from Google Podcasts

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For guides and documentation from Google Podcasts, please visit the Google Podcast Help Centre

This guide will walk you through claiming your show and accessing your consumption data from Google Podcasts in your Google Podcasts Manager dashboard.

Ready? Let's go.

  1. Head to to get started. 

2. Hit 'Start Now'

3. Copy your playlist's RSS feed, for help on how to find your RSS feed in Omny Studio here's a guide

4. Enter your RSS feed and hit Next step. 

5. Preview the feed, Google will show you what episodes and show details it has for this RSS feed - it's possible you'll see multiple copies of episodes if you've moved the hosting of your show in the past. If you see the right details, you can proceed to the next step - don't worry about duplicates at this point. If you don't see the right details for your show please see this help resource from Google

6. Send verification code to the email address listed in your RSS feed. The email address associated with your RSS feed can be viewed, and changed, in Omny Studio at Program Settings > Contact Email.

7. Enter the code sent to the email address in your RSS feed to confirm ownership of the feed. 

8. You can now view your consumption analytics from Google Podcasts apps in your dashboard, for the shows you have claimed. 

9. You can claim multiple shows by clicking on your show name in the top left and selecting Add show.

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