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Clip consumption analytics

How to view and understand clip consumption in Omny Studio

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To view the consumption analytics for a clip, head to clip details and then navigate to the consumption tab.

Verified plays

Verified plays are tracked listening sessions on supported players with at least 60 seconds of playback. By default, Omny Studio will track the amount of verified plays which occur via these players:

- Omny Studio embed clip players
- Omny Studio embed playlist players
- web players
​Average time spent listening

This is the average amount of time that each verified play lasted for. In other words, it's the average amount of the clip that was heard by a listener. Multiple plays of the same portion of the clip are only counted once.

Retention graph

Here you can see which parts of the clip were listened to. If you hover over the graph with your mouse, you'll see what percentage of the verified plays heard that particular part of the clip.

Start at graph

Here you can see where people started listening to the clip, so you can see at a glance how many listeners have heard the clip right from the beginning. Hovering over the graph with your mouse will show you the exact time stamp and how many people listens began at that point.

Dropoff graph

Click on "Dropoff" and you'll be brought to the orange drop-off graph. This section shows you how many of the verified plays stopped listening at particular times. Using this graph you can monitor which parts of a clip have successfully held a listener's attention, whether your opening is strong enough to hook listeners in, or whether your listeners didn't like that joke about the zookeeper, the software engineer and Kim Kardashian walking into a bar. (But honestly, why wouldn't they? It's a classic!)

Again, you can hover over the graph with your mouse to see the timestamp of that section and how many listeners dropped off at that point.

Skips graph

The "Skips" graph shows where listeners have started to skip through the audio. This allows you to see whether there's any part of your show - for example, host-read ads - that listeners are regularly skipping over. Hovering over the graph at different points will show you the exact time stamp and how many verified listeners have skipped from that position.


"Summary" gives you an overview of how much of the clip people listened to. So, looking at the summary of our example clip:

We can see that 54% of people played at least 25% of the clip in total, 49% of people kept listening and played more than half of the clip, and so on until we get to the 8% of listeners who played the clip all the way through.

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