You can attribute and track download playback destination "source" from custom players, apps or websites by specifying a utm_source URL parameter value on the MP3 download URL, embed player URL or web player URL.

Supported custom sources

Omny Studio supports up to 5 custom download sources with the following (case insensitive) utm_source values.


Note: The values do not have any predefined meaning and can be associated with any player, app or website of your choosing.

Supported publishing URLs

You can specify a utm_source URL parameter value on the following Omny Studio publishing endpoints:

  • Clip MP3 download URL
    e.g. https://.../audio.mp3?utm_source=CustomPlayer1
  • Clip or playlist embed player iFrame URL
    e.g. <iframe src="https://.../embed?utm_source=CustomPlayer2"
  • Clip or playlist web player URL


For example, you can attribute/track downloads from a custom mobile app by appending the MP3 download URL that's provided to the audio player with utm_source=CustomPlayer, for example

Downloads from that mobile app will then appear on the download analytics reports as "Custom player 1".

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