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Offsetting pre-roll ads (play ad after intro)
Offsetting pre-roll ads (play ad after intro)

How to add a pre-roll ad marker to a clip after 0:00 on the timeline.

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Sometimes a pre-roll ad doesn't mean it's the first thing your listener hears. Some shows want to play their theme, or intro, or give a lead-in before cutting to a piece of dynamic content, or a dynamic ad.

Choosing arbitrary times for Pre-Roll Ad Markers is easy in Omny Studio, and this guide will show you how.

1) Choose the clip you want to add a Pre-Roll Ad Marker to.

2) Select 'Edit audio' from within the clip.

3) Move the playhead on the editor to the timestamp you want to add the Pre-Roll Ad Marker. Press the dropdown on the right of the ad marker buttons. Select "Insert pre-roll ad market at playhead".

4) You can view the Ad Marker in the items list below the clip, and verify it's at the correct timestamp.

5) You can edit the Pre-Roll Ad Marker, to configure the number of ads that can be inserted at this marker.

6) Click Save changes to finish adding the offset Pre-Roll Ad Marker.

Extra notes:

  • If you're using Omny's Intro/Outro feature, the duration of the intro will offset the timestamp of your offset pre-roll ad marker, meaning relative to the clip it will be in the same location, but at a dynamic timestamp.

  • Pre-Roll Ad Markers added at 0:00 will play before an intro if using the Intro/Outro feature. If added anywhere after 0:01, the Ad Marker will play after the intro.

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