Omny Studio now integrates with any VAST video ad server to deliver a single linear or skippable video pre-roll ad for embeddable clip players on both desktop and mobile.

Demo video:


An VAST 3.0-compatible ad server. (We have tested with Google Ad Manager)

Video ad media files MP4 encoded for HTML5 playback. (This is automatically handled by Google Ad Manager)

Ad targeting configuration

Omny Studio will send the following targetable key-value-pairs in the VAST request in the cust_params parameter which can be targeted by the ad server.

Ad delivery configuration

Video pre-rolls ads can be enabled or disabled on the program.

The VAST ad server URL is specified on the program-level. This allows different programs to be configured as different ad units in the ad server.

Video pre-rolls ads can be enabled or disabled on each clip.

The program can be configured to enable video pre-roll ads on new clips by default. (To retroactively apply video pre-roll ads on all existing clips, contact Omny support).

Ad reporting

The Omny Studio embed player supports reporting the following VAST events

  • start

  • complete

  • pause

  • resume

  • firstQuartile

  • midpoint

  • thirdQuartile

  • skip

  • clickthrough

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