Submitting your podcast to Amazon Music (now with Podcasts) is easy!

Just use the appropriate link below for the region where your show is produced, to submit it to Amazon Music. 1-20 shows can be submitted at a time. For more shows, please contact and we'll be happy to help.

United States (US) ((Now with Podcaster Portal access)):
United Kingdom (UK):

Germany (DE):

Japan (JP):

Brazil (BR):

Mexico (MX):

Canada (CA):
France (FR):
Italy (IT):

Provide your email address, agree to the Amazon T&C's, provide your number of shows, name of show, and RSS feed.

For information on finding your RSS feed in Omny Studio please see this guide.

Complete the form, and Amazon will send you an email to confirm your podcast is in the Amazon Music podcast directory.

Amazon Music's podcast selection is currently rolling by country, but you can submit your show before your country of residence is able to access the podcast selection in the service.

The service is currently available in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, and India.

For any questions please just reach out.

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