Customised logos/custom branding

How Omny offer custom logos and branding on embed players.

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NOTE: Custom Branding must be activated on an account for Custom Logos to be enabled.

Omny Studio embed players are already highly versatile and flexible. But now you can take your customisation even further with Custom Logos.

For select clients, Omny Studio allows the default Omny logos on embed players to be changed.

  • The small logo is 20x20px but to look better on mobiles and other high DPI screens, we’d recommend providing a higher resolution image that gets scaled down (e.g. 40x40px or 60x60px)

  • The wide logo is a maximum of 200x30px (will be scaled proportionally to fit)

Default Omny logos

Custom Client logos

Note: You can set custom logos for all programs by setting a new Organisation default. Or, you can set logos for each program separately.

Custom Branding is activated in Omny at the Organisation level. For pricing/further questions please consult your PDM/Solutions Specialist or the Triton Helpdesk.

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