NOTE: Custom Branding must be activated in the Omny Studio Adminzone for Custom Logos to be enabled.

To change the logo from its Omny default image, please follow these steps.

1. Navigate to the program you would like to change the logo for.

2. Click Program Settings.

3. Click Sharing.

4. If changing the logo for just this program, or making it different from your organization default, change this setting at the top of the page.

4. Click the dropdown next to Custom Logo.

5. Select or drag and drop your images, following the requirements below.

  • The small logo is 20x20px but to look better on mobiles and other high DPI screens, we’d recommend providing a higher resolution image that gets scaled down (e.g. 40x40px or 60x60px)

  • The wide logo is a maximum of 200x30px (will be scaled proportionally to fit)

6. Select a tooltip (information on mouse hover).

7. Select a linking URL, where clicking on the logo will take you.

8. Save changes.

NOTE: Please allow at least a couple minutes for the logos to become visible on your embed players.

The Small logo is displayed on the bottom right of the player.

The Large logo is displayed from the bottom right of the info/subscribe/share views.

For networks/enterprise publishers with more than one program.

You can set custom logos for all programs by setting a new Organisation default, by following the steps above but from Organization Settings > Sharing > Custom logo.

Or, you can set each program separately by following the steps above, or do both to set an organization default custom logo, but change this logo for specific programs as required.

Custom Branding is activated in Omny at the Organization level. For pricing/further questions please consult your PDM/Solutions Specialist or the Triton Helpdesk.

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