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Download your analytics from Omny Studio
Download your analytics from Omny Studio

If moving/migrating a show here's how to export your historical analytics.

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This guide will show you how to export analytics from Omny Studio. In order to follow these steps yourself, you will need a user account with 'analytics' access.

1. Go to the program analytics page of the program you would like to export analytics from.

2. Select the date range.
If you want to export total downloads from the program, select Lifetime.

3. Export to .csv.
Each analytics section has an export to .csv option. Click this to download a .csv format spreadsheet file with the analytics for this program for the date range selected.

4. Keep these analytics saved to online storage/backup to act as an historical record, and so you can add them to your analytics from your destination feed to see a full lifetime analytics record of the program.

We hope this has been useful in helping you to export your analytics from your Omny Studio account. If you have any questions please reach out to Omny support.

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