If you are moving away from Omny Studio and have ad markers in your existing content that you need to migrate, the Omny Studio team can export a CSV of all the ad markers in your episodes with the following columns:

RssEpisodeGuid (string) The clip (episode) guid as it appears in RSS feeds.

EpisodeDuration (time) The clip (episode) duration (HH:mm:ss.fffff).

AdMarkerType (string) One of Preroll, Midroll or Postroll.

AdMarkerPosition (time) The ad marker position (HH:mm:ss.fffff). NB: For Postroll ad markers, this time is offset from the end of the clip (episode).

MaxNumberOfAds (integer) The maximum number (>= 1) of ads to insert at this marker.

OmnyClipAudioUrl (string) The direct link to the clip (episode) audio hosted on Omny Studio.

OmnyProgramId (uuid) The Omny Studio program ID.

OmnyProgramTitle (string) The Omny Studio program title.

OmnyClipId (uuid) The Omny Studio clip ID.

OmnyClipTitle (string) The Omny Studio clip title.

Once you've imported your content using your ad-free RSS feed, your new hosting provider can then import your ad markers into the content with this CSV.

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