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Pausing or revoking access to a member's feed
Pausing or revoking access to a member's feed
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If you have received an unusual download detection notification or if you'd like to temporarily revoke access for one of your members, you can pause their feed. Once a member's feed is paused, their RSS feed title and description can be updated and access to all episodes is revoked.

Customising a member's paused feed

You can customise the text displayed in a member's paused feed under settings - restricted access and then unfurl the 'Paused RSS Feed Settings' caret menu.

Here's what is displayed for a paused member in Apple Podcasts with the default settings:

Pausing with the UI

You can pause a member's feed via the UI by navigating to the member's management page and clicking pause here:

The pause button will change to an 'un-pause' if you wish to reinstate a member's access.

Pausing and un-pausing with the Management API

You can also pause a member's feed by using this management API endpoint.

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